Sunday, August 15, 2010

Amnesty Please

    Let me write.  Please.  It seems that there are a great number of objections that could be posed to my writing, though I am entirely unaware of what they may be.  It would logically follow that I ought to begin with a plea, but that really isn't necessary.  This medium grants me amnesty, though anyone reading what is posted here may not.  Please understand that whatever I want to post here, I will.  It may seem a bit self-centered, but I do so only as a free expression of myself for the benefit of anyone who desires to know a little more of what is in my head.  
        I do not know what will be posted here.  I fully expect that I will write what I feel, think, do, and generally whatever comes to my mind that I want to write.  Subsequent posts may not be in any specific order.  Chronology may be thrown to the wind, reality and fantasy may swim in the same pool while memory plays in the deep end, and certainty might feel the sting of doubt.  One thing can be said for sure, I will write what I want to.  Indeed, anyone may say the same thing about themselves, but I feel it is appropriate to warn you what is coming.  
       Your feedback is welcome.  That means criticism as well.  There are very few things I write that I am satisfied with, so I don't expect anyone reading this to feel like I've done things perfectly.  Quite the opposite.  Say what you want, after all, I'm doing the same.  If you don't enjoy what you are reading, then don't finish.  If you want more, let me know.  Just because I am writing what I want to does not mean that your opinion cannot influence me.  
       When you get bored, check in again, you never know what will be posted.  I don't... 


  1. Get your thoughts flowing!

  2. I feel like Peter should've been playing piano behind this dramatic monologue ;)

  3. I like it. Although, I feel like the name-instead of Boon- should be Bun... ;) Keep it real big guy.